Wedding rings

One time, while we were preparing a ceremony, the couple told me they wanted the ring delivery to be special, unique and unforgettable. They had an eagle in mind. An eagle that would soar over the guests and land on the arm of the bride or groom would be a spectacular and dramatic way to top off the ceremony.

And so, on the day of the wedding, when the time came to exchange the rings, I signalled the falconer and he released the eagle, which had the rings tied to its talons. The eagle swooped over and soared above the garden, looking mighty and solemn. And then, as if it had practised its routine, it flew once more in a broad circle over the
garden, while the surprised guests reacted as one: “Oooooh!” The guests were spellbound. It was truly beautiful to behold. The animal was impressive, gliding with wings outstretched over the heads of the crowd. They startedto cheer and applaud. It was amazing, a spontaneous burst of pure joy. It couldn’t have been better. It flew for a big longer… and then landed on the branch of a nearby tree.

After some minutes of bewilderment, the falconer managed to attract the animal’s attention and it flew back onto his arm. The rings were successfully recovered. Can you imagine if not? The idea was lovely. In fact, it was a magical moment. But they hadn’t counted on the eagle going rogue. Since then, every time a couple suggests a similar idea involving an eagle, a falcon, or even a cat or a dog… I always offer the same advice: If you want an animal to bear the rings, that’s fine and well; it’s a fun, unusual idea. You can tie a box to the animal but keep the rings in your pocket!
When the animal reaches you, you pretend to remove the rings from the box and then you can exchange them.
That way there’s no risk of spoiling a deeply moving moment: the image of an eagle or a falcon soaring towards the couple is indeed beautiful, but it’s always better to make sure the rings are safe so nothing can go wrong.