About me...


I’m Xavier Ortiz and I’ve being an actor for more than 30 years. I specialise in conducting wedding ceremonies. I have also performed in theatre, cinema, TV and radio, and I am currently teaching acting at the Catalan School of Dubbing (ECAD). Furthermore, I help business managers and entrepreneurs better communicate their products and ideas by improving their public and online presentations.

My story in the world of weddings…

One day, a long time ago, a good friend of mine told me he was going to get married. He then asked me if I would like to conduct the ceremony. Despite wanting to marry legally, he knew city hall ceremonies are cold and boring, and he didn’t want his guests to remember it that way. So, he told me:

The proposal

– Look, we’re getting legally married in the city hall on Friday, but since the ceremony is going to be a bummer, we’ll celebrate on Saturday with friends and family.

We want a symbolic, emotional ceremony, one where everyone gets the attention they deserve, and we can all have a laugh in our own style.

This way, our guests will have a beautiful memory of our wedding. Since you are an actor, we thought you might fancy conducting the ceremony. What do you think?

The ceremony

Honestly, the proposal surprised me. I didn’t know such a thing was possible. But of course, he was my friend, so I didn’t think twice. And it would make an excellent wedding gift.

Of course, I would be delighted!

I prepared a short speech, and the three of us looked for readings and rituals to put together the symbolic ceremony. The day of the celebration, I conducted the ceremony – a little nervous at first. I spoke about love and friendship, about the couple and their families, and I told some personal stories. I also conducted the little ritual the couple had planned while inviting anyone who wanted to speak to take the mike.

The opportunity

The result was terrific. All the guests were delighted with my words, the ceremony and how nicely I conducted it. People laughed and were frequently moved by my anecdotes, those of the bride and groom and the people who spoke. It was a magical half-hour that flew by.

During the aperitif, a friend of the groom approached me:

Hi Xavier, congratulations! You’ve done a wonderful job. Im an actor manager and show promoter. I have some clients from the world of events who are looking for actors to officiate symbolic civil ceremonies in private villas, restaurants, hotels… Would you like to talk to them?

The Change

Wow,” I thought, “I wasn´t expecting this. I didn´t even know such a thing was possible… Well, why not? After all, acting is all about stirring up people’s emotions and a ceremony is the best place to do that…”

So, I accepted.

And that is how what started as simply another part of my performing career became, little by little, my main activity as an actor. And it has been so for more than 15 years.

Over the years, I have perfected my performance, found dozens of texts and rituals, and developed a style of my own that truly touches people. Guests are moved and amused, and without being a showman or a syrupy romantic, I have found the perfect balance between capturing the attention of the guests and expressing the feelings of the bride and groom..

That is why whenever I contact couples, I strive to get to know who they really are, what are their tastes, how they imagine that special day… Because this way I can offer a different and
exclusive service: unique and unrepeatable ceremonies.
According to some of the wedding planners I’ve worked with – and they know what they are talking about – It’s difficult to find someone who does it as well as Xavier, and in four languages​​!!!”

everything will be perfect

Let’s plan that great day together!