Boda civil

Xavier Ortiz

Actor specialised in
conducting ceremonies.

Hi, I’m Xavier Ortiz


I love helping couples plan weddings with a completely personalised ceremony.

I strive to understand your style, personality, ideas… To then share mine and offer advice on all relevant details.

All to make sure you create a unique, warm and original ceremony, far from the standard dry affairs you get in city hall. I make sure your ceremony becomes an exclusive, unforgettable event, both for you and your guests.

I’m passionate about making beautiful, original ceremonies work.

I have enjoyed this privilege for more than 15 years and I like it more with every day that goes by.

If you’d like me to help, here I am, ready to provide all the seriousness, care, commitment and experience you need… From the bottom of my heart.

I work mostly in Catalonia (Spain)


I have conducted gay ceremonies, themed ceremonies… In short, I have married all kinds of people, both young and not so young. I have sometimes even dressed up!. I can easily conduct the ceremony in English, Spanish, Catalan or French.

I always like to at least say welcome in an additional language; it’s a nice touch when there are guests who don’t speak any of these four.

I have done it in Portuguese, Italian, German, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and even in
Oriental languages such as Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

I like to make everyone feel comfortable.

everything will be perfect

Let’s plan that great day together!